Yellowhead County Map

This Link will take you to the login page for both the Yellowhead County web map and The Town of Edson web map. Click the HERE link for public access to both maps. Once in the map of your choice zoom into the location of interest and then select the Imagery button in the upper right hand corner and select current Images to see the most recent satellite view of the property with all title lines. These maps are currently superior to both the Bing and Google satellite maps in our area.

Alberta Registered Water Wells Lookup

Zoom in on the map of Alberta to the Edson or Yellowhead County area you are interested in and once you are close enough any registered water wells will show up and can be clicked on for additional information.

Alberta Geological Survey

Access to multiple geological surveys of Alberta

Edson Alberta Business Directory

List of businesses and facilities in the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County along with their contact information.


Content still being added ( Items with links under this section are incomplete)

WETT Inspectors contact information

Adding A list of all Home Inspectors along with their certifications and contact information.

Adding a list of Banks and Mortgage Brokers along with their contact information that have completed deals with us.

Adding a contact list for the Lawyers we regularly deal with

Adding a contact list for Insurance Agencies

Contact List For Insurance Companies

Completing entries for switching your mail box over and anything else real estate related that we think can help make your move go smoother.